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The is a donation system owned by the Ohio Republican Party and managed and operated by Rector Communications, LLC DBA ScreenBroidery.

Who Is ScreenBroidery

ScreenBroidery is an apparel, promotion, technology, and merchandise company specalizing in on demand printing. Screenbroidery operates three brick and mortar locations, over 100 online merchandise sites, and compleate fulfillment abilities. At full capacity ScreenBroidery can produce 25,000 apparel items and pack and pick over 2500 orders a day. In 2013 ScreenBroidery was the fastest growing comany in the industry and in 2014 named one of the top promotional product distributors in the country. Find out more about ScreenBroidery at

The Relationship of ORP and ScrenBroidery

ScreenBroidery is under contract with the Ohio Republican Party to create and operate the online donation web site (, produce and fulfill the products offered on the site, and manage all customer support needs. ScreenBroidery and ORP work in conjuction to select and design products offered based on a donor’s contribution. roducts are offered complementary as a gift for each donor’s contribution.

All transactions on this site are donations and are processed by The Ohio Republican Party’s online donation payment gateway and deposited into ORP’s bank accounts. All contributions that total over $200 in aggerate must be reported by ORP to the Federal Election Commission.

How ScreenBroidery Can Help

ScreenBroidery has delevloped the ability and processes to produce most products on demand. When you combine this capeability with our onlne ecommerce systems customers can offer a larger product selection without having to spend thousands of dollars prepurchasing inventory that may or may not sell. ScreenBroidery’s online stores and fulfillment systems are great for corporate merchandise programs, fundrasing stores, and retail merchandise opportunities.

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